Monday, November 30, 2009


This isn’t an article or even a blog site where someone else is complaining about Gen Y or any generation for that matter. I refuse to be that unproductive. I look for the solutions to channeling the talent of all generations into productive and profitable workplaces. We all are a piece of a puzzle whose image is only seen when we are all placed together in the right way. That being said, how do we welcome Generation Y into the workforce with eagerness to incorporate their talent and potential?

Like every generation, there is a distinct yet common dynamic to Generation Y. They are not lazy but simply don’t like wasting time. They are not disloyal but loyal to the right cause. They aren’t addicted to technology but believe in its power to make life more enriched. They aren’t selfish but are simply looking for their place in the world. They aren’t oblivious but are looking for the answers. Essentially, they really aren’t that different but they are misunderstood. Their place in the world and workplace is yet to be determined but make no mistake they are here to stay. So let’s address how to channel their talent.

The following are 10 ways to manage Generation Y.

  1. Be Sincere – They can spot a fake a mile away, whether it is within their ranks or outside. You are not one of them and they will never see you as such. What they will see is your value if you prove it.

  2. Be Part of their Network – They hate to fail and will lose trust in you if you put them in a “sink or swim” situation. They don’t think they know it all. What they feel is that they can get the answers to it all through their networks. Be present in that network.

  3. Provide Technology – Pen and paper is as antiquated as the horse and buggy to them. They express themselves through technology. This isn’t an addiction to the technology. What it is, a strong drive to find the most efficient way of doing a task.

  4. Allow them to Explore – Tell them what you want, provide recommendations and let them explore their options. They may find a better way of doing something that was hidden by the malaise of routine that perhaps blinds the rest of us.

  5. Communicate Standards – Sure they want to explore and innovate. More importantly, they want to succeed. You hold the key to that. Coach them so they understand what is needed to succeed. Don’t take their questions as insubordinate or arrogant but as their methodology for discovering truth and meaning. Which is what they are looking for.

  6. Provide them with Feedback – They are accustomed to hearing this and frequently. There is a need to depart from the type of feedback they are use to hearing. They are not perfect and capable of anything they put their minds to, which is what they have heard from their Helicopter Parents. The truth is they aren’t perfect and there are many things they are not capable of doing (just like all of us). When the feedback is negative it needs to contain a message of hope. They don’t want to feel the discussion is going to change their career trajectory but instead helps them to achieve it.

  7. Listen to them – They have innovative and even curious ways of seeing the world. Sure sometimes curiosity kills the cat but at other times it cures a disease or changes a life. The next great idea could come from the mouths of Babes.

  8. Trust Them – Give them exciting projects and assignments that clearly demonstrate you see their value. Provide them the needed support through the process. The exposure and meaning you help them discover in their work will create an advocate in them.

  9. Take the Time to Explain – “Do it because I said so” is a management strategy that is as useful as a square wheel. Even if you were victimized by this strategy when you were trenching your way through the labor force to management, realize today that it is extremely ineffective with Generation Y.

  10. Don’t Contribute to the Gap – Everyone is out there talking about how lazy this generation is. Opinions are a dime a dozen. One’s like that are only going to create adversaries and not allies. How successful have you been in the past working with a group of adversaries?
    Generation Y is misunderstood by many managers. The evidence of this is in the turnover numbers. Millennials have the ability to instantly reshift their loyalties and change employers instantly. Be careful not to blink. You may discover as your eyes open that you have another vacancy to fill. You don’t have to fear this because solutions are available.
This is not a conclusive list in any way, shape, or form. We haven’t even discussed encouraging their desire to change the world and the use of social networks (as well as so many more). With the exception of a few tweeks specific to Generation Y, my recommendations are a strong management strategy despite its application to Generation Y. Managers should adopt these tactics to encourage all four generations too reach their potential.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Devlearn 2009 wasn’t my first conference but it was with the eLearning Guild. Their promotions and catalog of topics captured my interest at a time when I am looking for solutions to learning and training challenges. Since it was a gathering of “Learning Techies”, I expected an underground network of Twitter users who would undoubtedly share their thoughts on sessions they were attending, organize meet-ups via the viral effect of Twitter, and guide the niche to areas of interest throughout the convention. Historically, this had always been my experience with social media at many conferences. I decided I wanted more and identified my goals for the conference. These goals were:

Goal 1: Identify leading trends in elearning design and delivery to solve my challenges

Goal 2: Engage in the learning experience (One of the goals Twitter enhanced the most)

Goal 3: Network with thought leaders and practitioners in the training field.

Goal 4: Promote my expertise within the area of training design and content development

Goal 5: Have fun.

My goals were simple and fairly standard but having experience with many conferences, I realized there were degrees of success. These were hindered or helped by my motivation and conference logistics. Let’s face it, we can’t be in all places at the same time, or can we.

Following are the top 10 ways Twitter helped me meet and in some cases exceed my conference goals for Devlearn 2009.

  1. I was able to experience the content of several (concurrent) sessions while attending the most interesting (to me) ones live.

  2. I was able to maximize my precious time posting or reading tweets when speakers were less than engaging or informative. Not saying others weren’t interested in the speaker at those moments, I simply wasn’t and didn’t have to be held hostage listening to stories. As a presenter myself I will be sensitive to the potential karma coming back at me on this one.

  3. Twitter became my notebook where I was able to capture ideas, share them, receive back channel feedback on a tweet, create a deeper dialogue on the note and ultimately gain greater insight into the topic through the collective intelligence of those willing to collaborate on the initial idea.

  4. I became a part of the pre-conference community who built up the suspense of meeting each other live in San Jose, CA. This was the first conference I went to (of which I have never previously attended) where I was greeted by people who recognized my Twitter Avatar. I felt like I had been a part of the Devlearn community for years yet I was essentially a stranger to it.

  5. Some presenters, followed up post conference with responses to my conference tweets. This allowed the learning and networking experience to continue (at this point, indefinitely).

  6. My tweets (like everyone’s) became part of the conference (vibe, pulse, and voice) with people hovering around a monitor posted in the registration area. I was part of the learning experience, a contributor as opposed to traditional participation. This made me feel vested and a part of everyone’s learning.

  7. I was able to network with people who by the shear logistical challenges, we may never have met, virtually or not and been able to share our thoughts and experiences with each other. One of the presenters literally used my name when responding to a question I asked (live). In and of itself, no big deal, but he couldn’t see my name badge and later informed me he was wondering when I was going to start tweeting for his session. He recognized me from my Avatar. I was glad to oblige.

  8. I became part of the Devlearn experience as I participated in the live #Lrnchat session.

  9. I Met a wonderful group of people whom I hope will foster into a group of friends. Although spread throughout the world, I can read their tweets as if I am in a cubicle next to them listening to them tweet about their thoughts on Learning every day.

  10. Learned that if ever lost in a city one of the greatest urban navigators was a New Zealander who helped us find a hidden restaurant and gave us all a great story to go home with. It must be a middle earth thing. She didn’t even use a compass and I didn’t see any stars that night. Thanks @schnicker.

Some of the people I met live or virtual during the conference whom I feel are great resources for learning and development are (please forgive me if I left anyone out):

@bschlenker, @mrch0mp3rs, @koreenolbrish, @schnicker, @kelticray, @LearningPutty, @espnguyen, @marciamarcia, @quinnovator, @robrobertson, @safetysparks, @dr_kg, @badsquare, @aveyca, @srcrawf2, @Kelly_smith01, @gminks, @tonykarrer, @chrisstjohn, @moehlert, @xicanowan, @writetechnology @jeddgold, @kristencromer, @jenebean, @ranig2u, @shantarohse, @elearning @tim_m_martin

Twitter helped me enhance my live and virtual experience with Devlearn. There is still room for improvement though. I would like to see more presenters use Twitter to reach those who are not in the session or to make the general sessions more interactive. Twitter doesn’t have to be a post presentation summary but can be a way of building the live conversation. Twitter can also be a live sentiment reader when the speaker makes a point. The greatest value I experienced through the week was when the dialogue branch-expanded as opposed to a traditional linear conversation. Congratulations to the elearning Guild for making Twitter one of the informal keynotes who still has a lot to say and for helping me achieve my conference goals.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

15 Things I Learned about Adobe and eLearning

The following are my tweets from the Adobe Learning Summit on Nov. 9, 2009. The summit focused on Adobe products and applications designed to assist in the delivery of training and learning. Also included are tweets from the general session featuring Clay Shirky, author of "Here Comes Everybody".

captivate4 supports 64 bit utilizing WOW. unknown with windows 7. C5 should not have prob #astd #dl09 #als094:48 PM Nov 9th from TweetChat

flash still challenged to inc rich media. AIR has ability to solve #astd #dl09 #als094:44 PM Nov 9th from TweetChat

role play as a way 2 engage in adobe connect #dl09 #astd #als094:41 PM Nov 9th from TweetChat

penguin game as icebreaker with adobe connect #astd #dl09 #als094:39 PM Nov 9th from TweetChat

mobile aps 4 connect pro coming soon #dl09 #astd #als094:36 PM Nov 9th from TweetChat

S5005 Adobe Story - new tool for script writing and storyboarding, metadata management #dl09 #als09 #astd3:30 PM Nov 9th from TweetDeck

Avatar movie created using adobe products S5005 #als09 #dl09 #astd3:10 PM Nov 9th from TweetDeck

twitter widget available for captivate next month possibly #astd #dl092:21 PM Nov 9th from

S2006 instructor recommends #astd #dl0911:00 AM Nov 9th from TweetChat

S2006 content of learning games- scorekeeper tokens traps puzzles prizes, outcome reporter #astd #dl0910:57 AM Nov 9th from TweetChat


@kelticray Shirky was stating We aren't electricians simply because we change a lightbulb. SM creates acts of journalism. #dl092:50 PM Nov 9th from TweetDeck in reply to kelticray

media users r not journalist but instead, users creating acts of journalism #astd - c shirky #dl099:58 AM Nov 9th from TweetChat

media has moved from a source of info 2 a source of collaboration. #astd - c shirky #dl099:56 AM Nov 9th from TweetChat

unhappy and coordinated is an ingredient 4 a social media revolution #ASTD c. shirky #dl099:54 AM Nov 9th from TweetChat

a problem solved for 1 person on Sm is solved for all #astd -shirky #dl099:50 AM Nov 9th from TweetChat

The conference was oriented to the technical aspects of Instructional Design for eLearning. Adobe offers a suite of exceptional, industry leading tools. The key is that designers should feature learner content using the tools and not feature the tools as the star of the learning content.

29 Take Aways on Enterprise Learning in Virtual Worlds

The following are my tweets from the DEVLEARN 2009 Pre Conference Session on "Strategies for Enterprise Learning in Virtual Worlds. Special thanks to Koreen Olbrish of Tandem Learning and David Anderson from Articulate. The format of this blog simply gives some of the key learning points I gathered from the session.

Screenr is free ! RT @SafetySparks: and screenr - two useful tools for immediate screen casts. #dl09 #astdabout 7 hours ago from TweetDeck

When building in SL be sure to buy from vendors who let you alter and copy products #dl09 #dl09-p2 #astdabout 7 hours ago from TweetDeck

VW resource- ThinkBalm ,3DTLC, Karl Kapp, Tony ODriscoll, ASTD Island,Anders Grondstedt-train for success, mark Oehlert #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

K Zero is a consulting co on VWs. Here's their site #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

RT @mrch0mp3rs: OpenSim = open source platform to build VW -- It's free and open -- but you're building... everything #dl09-p2 #astdabout 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

Many virtual worlds only run on PCs. Sorry Mac Peeps #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

@kelticray Possibly! Can lrners trust u if they don't have basic ideal of who u r . Avatars rep U to various degrees #dl09 #dl09-p2 #astdabout 10 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to kelticray

@kelticray Some VW allow u 2 drop in2 existing avatars. SL has generic avator. Problem is you dilute ur interaction #dl09-p2 #dl09 #astdabout 10 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to kelticray

RT @mrch0mp3rs: Let me repeat - VW, working with SCORM, using LETSI Run-Time Web Services -- Fairmont Valley Room at 5pm #dl09about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

2 Hold users attention U must create opportunities for them to engage in their environment & with other VW users #dl09 #dl09-p2 #astdabout 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

Developers must consider (User) Orientation for VW implementation #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

Users give up on VW after 10 minutes if they can't figure it out #dl09 #dl09-p2 #astdabout 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

Men and Women prefer different POV in VW. M 1st person - W prefer to see their avatar (I think it is a shoe thing) #dl09 #dl09-p2 #ASTDabout 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

RT @billbrandon: Happy Birthday to all US Marines at #DevLearn09! 234 years - Semper Fi! dl09about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

When we train in RW we don't use LMS why would we limit learning in VW because of LMS limitation? #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

What do you want to track and do you need to use your LMS? Are we limiting learning due to dependency on LMS? #astd #dl09-p2 #dl09about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

RT @briandusablon: "People don't hate change. They hate how you're trying to change them." - Michael Kanazawa #dl09-p5about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

Multiverse (VW) has an effective gaming engine. #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

Most virtual worlds do not track data in SCORM #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

VW effective interactive content - Collaboration, Process Improvement, Comm Skills #astd #dl09-p2 #dl09about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

Cost savings of VW conferences is a selling point for project. Savings incredible without loss of impact. #astd #dl09 #dl09-p2about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

IBM is very active in VW space. They import sims into SL. Use virtual teams and create community #astd #dl09-p2 #dl09about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

e learning may be linear compared to non-linear applications of VW #dl09-p2 #dl09 #astdabout 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

Why build a classroom in VW when your learners can be trained on Mars or some other creative space? #dl09-p2 #dl09 #astdabout 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

VW force participants to become more active than other media forms (ie- away in SL) #dl09-p2 #dl09 #astdabout 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

VW has advantage of physical presence that webex and conf calls do not. #dl09-p2 #dl09 #astdabout 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

VW will integrate in 2 recruiting, retention, trning,learning,education, collaboration,hr,knowledge mgmt - 5 yr prediction #dl09-p2 #dl09about 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

Virtual Worlds must exist in the absence of users - part of definition #dl09-p2 #dl09 #astdabout 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

Common denominator of group is to find the value of Virtual Worlds in L&D #dl09-p2 #astdabout 12 hours ago from TweetDeck

Overall, the session helped verify the potential and obstacles of learning in a virtual space. Ultimately, content rules and the Virtual World media can be an effective tool when used purposely. VW must serve the content not simply be a vehicle to amuse learners.