Saturday, December 12, 2009

Liquid Learn

Why the new name? You may be asking this question. Eventually, this blog will be moving to the address as a permanent home (not yet though). Don't worry, I won't move without letting you know. Our new home will be host to a wide array of learning information and opportunity. Along with my blog, you'll be able to access elearning courses and our LMS to help you track your learning.

We carefully chose the name. Today, liquid like water is portable and oh so essential to our life. Learning is to business as water is to life. That's where Liquid Learn (TM) came from. It's an exciting time at Workforce Performance Partners and we can't wait to share this with our fans.

Let us know what you think of the name and what topics we can write about to to help you become a stronger manager and leader.

Surf up to Liquid Learn and pour yourself a tall glass of learning.

You can follow Liquid Learn on Twitter @LiquidLearn .

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